The Book

In her book, Exploring Inner Dimensions—Expression in The Present, JoAnn draws from her personal life experience as well as science and philosophy to guide the reader to connect with their inner dimension and higher self. Here, you will have the opportunity to learn and experience life-transforming meditations and visualizations. You will also practice writing and using affirmations and treatments to release old outdated energy patterns while, rewriting new patterns. Learn to create mental image pictures called mock-ups to manifest your desires and to rewrite the subconscious programing that interfere with your free-will life choices. Advanced individuals or beginners will find this book informative because you will learn to own your spiritual powers and to recognize that you are God expressing through your physical body. You will learn to develop and use your spiritual/psychic skills. Skills like clairvoyant reading, healing energy, creating mock-ups, aura reading and clearing energy and communicating with other energy beings. The information in this book is a must for psychic development and spiritual growth and the ownership of your spiritual powers.