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Our Life

Mankind has often questioned what is within us that we call life. Just what is this thing that we call life? Having been raised in the Baptist faith I was aware of my body and the fact that I had a spirit. I did not think much about the spirit as I saw it as

Spiritual Awareness and Unconscious Responses

The difference between Spiritual Awareness and unconscious response is that responses have purpose but no meaning or conscious intent. Purpose is a function and accomplishes something for the physical sensory system. Unconscious responses come from the programming in the subconscious and the purpose is usually habitual and elicits the same feeling, emotional tone or behavior

Dealing With Stress

Stress is anything that changes the control that you would normally have over your experiences. We experience different stress in many different forms such as physical, emotional, chemical, and nutritional. We experience environmental stress from pollution, ozone layer, radiation, noise pollution, or electromagnetic fields that are not in harmony with our body or energy system.

Mental attitude

We view and experience our world through our mental attitude. A predominately negatively attitude can impact everything, even our health, family, career, and everyone that comes in contact with our negative energy. A negative attitude puts a negative spin on everything in our life and steals our joy and happiness. negative thinking lowers our vibration


Whether we believe in predestination or not it has an effect on how we live our life. If you do not believe in predestination you probably believe in free will and allow yourself more freedom when making choices. If however you do believe in predestination it may take away your initiative and creativity because everything

Mental Attitude

We view and experience our world through our mental attitude. A predominately negative attitude can impact everything in our life, even our health, wealth, family and career. A negative attitude envelopes everything in our life in a blanket of negativity, and steals our joy and happiness. Negative thinking lowers our vibrational frequency and affects everyone