Journey into Self

For some of us this life experience has been about discovering who and what we are. Are we the physical body, or is there something more to us? If so, what is that something more? I discovered that I am so much more than this physical body, even more than I could have imagined or dreamed of. We are all a part of the whole, multidimensional universe, the quantum energy field expressing as individual vibrations within the quantum field. What I have experienced is what I know for sure, but it is only my perception of my experiences. I spent the first thirty years of my life in the physical, third dimensional world, just going about the business of making a life for myself. I didn’t expect much wealth, just a decent living. I grew up in a poor, working class family with six siblings. We all worked as children in the agricultural fields which prepared us for jobs as adults. I never tried for anything bigger than simple, just accepting that simple was my lot in life. When challenges came along I was often in “drama” feeling that “It” was being done to me. I felt that I could not prosper because every time I tried to save some money something happened to take it away. I created all manner of health challenges and problems that I could not fix as this was how I was expressing my creativity. I was a full-blown victim of my own consciousness. As the years passed I became more and more restless and dissatisfied with my life, so I bounced from job to job looking for something to make me happy. I read books as my escape from my world of depression and unhappiness. When I discovered self help books my world slowly turned around and became more positive. I read over 100 books in my search for contentment in the form of knowledge of who and what I am. I searched for what made me tick, made me who I am and how to make me better. Then in the late 70’s I discovered metaphysics and started researching and learning about my energy self and my inner world. For the past 49 years I have been growing spiritually and developing an awareness of my “I AM” self as an individual expression of the Whole, the quantum field and my connection with every one and everything. It has been a long road to self discovery, but it is so worth it. I am now content, happy and whole within myself.

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