Mental attitude

We view and experience our world through our mental attitude. A predominately negatively attitude can impact everything, even our health, family, career, and everyone that comes in contact with our negative energy. A negative attitude puts a negative spin on everything in our life and steals our joy and happiness. negative thinking lowers our vibration and affects everyone around us and even affects the vibration
level of humanity as a whole.
Our perception is influenced by our negative attitude, our vibration level, our sensory input, emotions, and more, but most importantly by the negativity in our space. We think we see the world as it is, we do not. We also think that everyone sees the same thing, they do not. We each have our own unique experience of the world. When our perception is formed with a negative attitude everything is perceived with negativity, and we live in a negative world full of disappointment and unhappiness.
If you are experiencing a negative attitude, perception and lots of negativity in your life, ask yourself what do you get from these negative thought patterns. What are the rewards of this way of thinking? What does this negative thinking cost you? What in your past has caused your negative thinking? This kind of introspection is sometimes difficult to accomplish, but it can be very rewarding. If you can sort this out and release the negative thought patterns you will be well on your way to changing your life for the better.
It may take time to change your negative attitude into a positive attitude, but it is well worth the effort. And it will take some effort on your part because you must use repetition to change the negative programming. Use positive statements of truth, like ” I am aware that all is consciousness, divine awareness of self. I am an expression of this self knowing. I now know a greater understanding of God’s love, always expressing as goodness in everyone and in every experience.” Repeat several times daily in the beginning or use any positive affirmation of your choice. This will develop your spiritual awareness and raise your vibrational frequency. You can use affirmations like “My mental attitude is always positive.” or “I am a positive mental attitude.” or ” I am always thinking positively.” It is important to develop your spiritual awareness because the more spiritually aware you are the more complete you are.
Start your changes by noticing one thing that you want to change and every time you experience this thing think to your self cancel, cancel, and think and say the opposite, positive of the negative thing. Be your own best friend and eliminate self trash talk. Change your negative behaviors and thoughts and most importantly change your expectation. I used to ask myself what is the worst that can happen and sure enough it usually did. We must train our self to expect the desired outcome. If we do not expect a positive, good result how can we get what we want.
The more you put in positive the faster you change your mental attitude. Keep releasing the negative thought patterns and programming from your subconscious mind and replacing them with positive thought patterns and you will develop a positive mental attitude and positive perception and outlook on life events. So it is.

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