The Metaphysical Journey

There is more to life than work and television. It is possible to take control of your life and create the reality that you desire to experience. If you ask or think about having more to your life, then pat yourself on the back, for you are beginning to realize the truth of this wonderful journey called life.
When I discovered metaphysics and took my first class I began to realize the reality of energy, Spirit and how everyone is connected. I discovered that we have the power to change anything and everything in our lives. Through meditation, visualization and, above all, the realization of Truth, you can create reality to your specifications.
We often forget that this is our life which can be a tool for our growth. We tend to live our life for other people, taking on behaviors, belief systems that were taught by our family, friends, school, church, society, and everything we experience as small individuals. For some we do not fit into this mold. We try to fit ourselves into this mold that was not created by us to please our family and peers. By doing this we are denying our true self and as we do so we also deny the Divine expression within us. We are divine energy that was created as beautiful, individual manifestations of Spirit.
Opening myself to metaphysical principals has removed the veil from my eyes. I now see clearly the truth that all people are one with God. Spirit moves and lives in each and every one of us, making the power that we posses limitless. I now experience peace within that is unlike anything that I have previously experienced. I am finally allowing myself to experience the unconditional love of self that I have denied for so long.
Once you realize the truth as Spirit intended you to know it, your life will change dramatically. To truly know the infinite being that you are and the love that expresses through us is to know your spiritual power, and to experience Heaven. Heaven or Hell are not physical locations; they are states of consciousness.
That which you believe shall manifest itself on some level in your life because you are the creator of your destiny. Because we live in the manifest realm, certain things are true. Our thoughts really do affect our reality because they alter our perception of events and experiences. If we think mostly negative thoughts we will experience events in a negative vibe, or we can choose to learn to think in a positive energy and experience life with a positive vibe. The choice is yours.

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