Clairvoyance and Spiritual Mind Treatment

For some of us what we see, hear, and feel is what is real to us and what we give power to. We react, change, and alter our course of action depending on how we perceive what we are sensing. The same is true for many of us who are reclaiming our clairvoyance.
Clairvoyance enables us to “see” the energy vibration affecting a person, place, or thing. With clairvoyance the cause of the effect is revealed to us. To the spiritual scientist and healing practitioner, this is how we know what to treat with healing prayer. As in material healing, the hope is to “cure” cause of the condition. Because curing the effects of the condition only provides short term relief and the energy will manifest somewhere else. The material appearance is not the true cause of the condition.
How does this relate to our reclaiming our clairvoyance? Because a person may shut down their clairvoyant ability due to seeing, or perceiving something fearful and become the effect of what they see. This happens to many people with awakened clairvoyance that become the effect of what they see. This often happens when the clairvoyant has a matching picture of a similar experience stored in their space which becomes activated due to what they see.
The spiritually minded clairvoyant rarely becomes the effect of what they see, perceive, or experience because they are grounded in their true spiritual nature. They see the cause of the condition and treat the cause through spiritual Mind Treatment knowing that that the cause is not of their true nature. The spiritually minded clairvoyant is able to meet anything that comes into their experience.

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