Dealing With Stress

Stress is anything that changes the control that you would normally have over your experiences. We experience different stress in many different forms such as physical, emotional, chemical, and nutritional. We experience environmental stress from pollution, ozone layer, radiation, noise pollution, or electromagnetic fields that are not in harmony with our body or energy system. These inputs all lead to emotional stress, and the nervous reactions that accompany it. Stress can be debilitating for the human body causing ordinary, everyday functions to be more difficult for the body to perform.
Stress is not to be confused with the normal stimuli of life. Humans need stimuli to motivate them to perform their daily duties, to work, or to utilize their creativity to reach their potential. The responsibilities of a family, a job, and financial goals can be stimuli to motivate one person while they are overwhelming for another individual. Stimuli of this kind is a good motivational tool to get us out of bed in the morning, but the overwhelming stress associated with imminent bankruptcy or a life threatening accident to a loved one is often debilitating. The rent, the car payments and the food bills are stimuli that make you go to work each day.
Excessive stress can debilitate the body and produce physical and emotional illness or disease. Prolonged stress and the emotions that accompany it alters the bodies chemistry which can result in disease. We must ask our self if disease has a mental origin since stress is often the forerunner of disease. It is true that stress often manifests itself into the physical, mental or neurological symptoms of varying diseases.
Thoughts and perception determine what our life experiences are and how we deal with challenging situations. If we have mostly negative thought patterns stored in our space then we perceive everything we encounter or experience through the lens of negativity caused by this programming. When there is fear stored in our space along with the negative thought patterns we often experience the stress of fear as dread of any given experience that lights up the stored pictures in our space. An example, I had an argument with Tom and we argue about everything so when I see Tom coming I get stressed because I fear more arguing with him. This happens because I now have the fear and dread of meeting Tom and having another confrontation with him stored in my space. This causes me to get tense, irritable or defensive, which can cause me to manifest the very event I dread.
We can learn how to flush all of the stress out of our system daily or at the end of a stressful experience. There are tools and techniques that enable us to flush stress, release programming, and get rid of old hurts and beliefs that are stored in the subconscious. Stress is only energy that is stored as a belief in our system and we can learn to de-sensitize our self to stress. We can learn to turn those old stress triggers into positive stimuli to motivate us to learn and grow spiritually. We can re-write our emotional script so that we no longer become the effect of things that we perceive to be stressful.
You can learn some of these tools and techniques from my book “Exploring Inner Dimensions–Expression In the Present”.

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