Life Experience Equals My Reality

What is reality? Each and everyone of us has a different experience of reality because our perception tells us what we are experiencing. My nerves relay the signals to my brain which interprets them as what I see, hear, touch or feel, smell and taste as the five senses of the visible body. For some humans these five senses are all that reality consists of. For others there are multiple layers to themselves. These layers consist of different vibrational frequencies which comprise the whole of us. We as humans consist of many different vibrational frequencies much like a beautiful musical composition consists of many different musical notes. I believe our vibrational frequencies could be electronically produced as synthesized chords of sound and may be musical.
Perception gives us the ability to become aware of something through our five senses and is how we interpret our experiences of our reality. Each of us perceives our reality through the lens of our experiences stored in our subconscious mind. Science now tells us that our brain starts recording everything going on around our mother while we are still in utero and continues until age seven or so. What ever environmental conditions surrounded her, or her relationships and how she was treated is all recorded in our subconscious and contributes to the lens that we view the world through.
I am an example of those recordings because I avoid conflict at all costs, must always be frugal, I save the good stuff for a future date and I am always looking for a way to make extra money. My parents were born in 1920 and 1921 on the eve of the great depression [1929 thru 1939] and they grew up experiencing all of that chaos. My dad was the son of a farmer who moved around from place to place trying to make a go of farming. My mom lost her mother at the age of four and was raised in a covered wagon by her dad. They moved around from state to state in the south selling the willow furniture that he made.
My parents reflect what was recorded in their developing brain from their parental figures in the way they lived and the relationship they had together and with other people. We were very poor financially because dad worked in agriculture most often which did not pay well. There were nine of us in our family which required a lot of food and clothing in addition to housing and utilities. Finances or the lack of caused stress which often caused my parents to argue. They were always at each other for one reason or another, thus my need to avoid conflict. Growing up poor explains my need to be frugal and always looking to make extra money. I was ashamed of being poor and embarrassed by my lack of good clothing and that is why I save the good stuff. I still have trouble giving to myself or receiving from others. These are some of the ways our subconscious recordings from childhood can still impact our view of what we call reality. I work daily to change these recordings, these programming’s that are affecting my decision making and my perception of the events and experiences that occur in my life, my reality.
The thing about this recording in early childhood is that it can get better with each additional generation. I managed to give my daughter a better life experience growing up than I had and her daughter fared even better and her grand daughters live a life of privilege because their parents are well educated and successful people. That is not to say that we all did not make mistakes and experience challenges because we did make mistakes and poor choices and all individuals have their challenges from early childhood recording of experiences.
In addition to the subconscious recordings and the lens that we view our reality through we are affected by our mental attitude and our thoughts. If we are a negative thinker with a negative attitude toward the world our reality will reflect this negativity in the experiences that we draw to our self. What we send out we get back in a like vibration. Our thoughts are vibrations like magnets and they attract like vibrations to us in the form of experiences and events. That is why we so often get the worst that can happen because we think what is the worst that can happen and it does. We think like this in order to be prepared and to be able to cope with the challenge’s that come to us. This is a poor, negative way of thinking and serves to create more negativity in ones life and their reality.
We as humans are complicated and many of us go through life without ever knowing just how complicated we are. The reality of who and what we are escapes most of us and we pass through life feeling victimized by life. We think the physical body is the truth of who and what we are and for some what they do as a job is who they think they are. I am a writer or I am a plumber and so on. Jobs or professions are just what one does and are not who they are. We can talk about the brain and chemical responses, the emotions and feelings, our perception of our experiences and their contribution to what we call our reality but they are not who or what we are. They all contribute to what we think we are and what we believe is our reality. We are energy that consists of many different vibrational frequencies experiencing what we call life.

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