Spiritual Awareness and Unconscious Responses

The difference between Spiritual Awareness and unconscious response is that responses have purpose but no meaning or conscious intent. Purpose is a function and accomplishes something for the physical sensory system. Unconscious responses come from the programming in the subconscious and the purpose is usually habitual and elicits the same feeling, emotional tone or behavior from the individual repeatedly, every time it is triggered. This is why change can be so difficult for some individuals who may want to change and may do so for a short time, but eventually the subconscious programming wins out and reasserts it’s control response.

Science has determined that our brain records everything we experience around us from the third trimester in the womb to the approximate age of seven. This is part of how we form who and what we think we are. These stored recordings become memory connections that are like programs that affect our thinking and behaviors. The rest of our concept of self comes from the people and experiences that we come in contact with until we reach majority. Ask yourself whose belief system are you functioning with. Do you go to the same church your parents went to attend services? Are you a democrat because your dad was? Are you driving a Chevrolet car because dad does? It is not just parents who have a lasting effect on us because school, friends, teachers, pastors, lovers are all guilty of leaving some of them self behind with you.

It is up to each individual to evaluate and sort out their belief system to make it their own or to go blindly on being manipulated by their subconscious programming. Many people have difficulty understanding how the subconscious can be in control of their behaviors and they try to analyze it. Analyzing ones thoughts and behaviors does little if any good because these responses, thoughts, behaviors and actions feel like they are of our own volition. When a stored, programmed response is triggered the brain releases chemicals which causes feelings which produces unconscious responses or behaviors. We think these are our true thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in the present moment, but they are much like a “canned laughter” response to a joke.

We can identify thoughts, behaviors, responses and actions that we want to change and work on changing them. This is no small task but many books have been written on the subject. Meditation and affirmations as well as bio-feedback methods can be utilized to rewrite the existing programs. Look at your life experience to see what you want to change. If you want more income then remember how you grew up and ask yourself if the family was poor, always short on money. If this was the case and poverty was stored in your subconscious then treat and affirm for abundant prosperity. This may take some time but with repeated affirmations with the belief that you can have more money, you can bring about change in your income. Work to have a positive attitude about your life experiences.

Spiritual Awareness is the consciousness that we are in the present moment within God Energy. We are choosing our experience from the Divine Influx, and knowing that we are expressing as Spirit which has no sensation, pain, pleasure, worry or fear. Spiritual Awareness is the knowingness that “My Father and I are One” as Jesus said. We must understand that we are all connected and The Light of the World. We as Spirit are God Individualized expressing through and as us. Spiritual awareness causes meaning which has a Higher Mission involved and brings understanding which brings God’s Natural Self Expression through us as our Life Force.

It is easier to make lasting life changes when one realizes that they are an Individualization of God within. This gives one the understanding that everything and everyone are all created from God Energy, the one energy. By knowing and internalizing this information which empowers us to make changes in our belief system and our external world of life experiences. My experience of spiritual awareness has been a process, a journey of fifty years or so of learning and internalizing the realization of God Energy as myself. This was a difficult process for me because it felt wrong of me to think that God was me, but I have finally owned that fact. Once it became truth for me, my life experiences changed dramatically or my perception changed. I am not sure which changed, but I experience life much more creatively and more positively. I survived two suicide attempts prior to gaining spiritual awareness for which I am grateful. I am now happy, content and grateful for my life and with myself.

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