Our Life

Mankind has often questioned what is within us that we call life. Just what is this thing that we call life? Having been raised in the Baptist faith I was aware of my body and the fact that I had a spirit. I did not think much about the spirit as I saw it as something outside of myself. I thought it was what I became after I died, if I thought about it at all. I had no control over spirit, and I did not use it until I died. I thought the body was alive with the chemical actions and reactions that occurred within it. I was a body and when I died, I became a spirit and went to heaven or hell. Life required that I work to have a place to live with food and clothing. Everything else that I gained or experienced was icing on the cake. Life was simple and often depressing without much to look forward to except more of the same.

I read many books on the paranormal due to an inner curiosity that was like a hunger to understand about ghosts and things that go bump in the night. As a youngster my parents told us stories about other worldly experiences of theirs implanting this quest within me. These books opened me to the psychic world of energy which led me to the Spiritualism belief system. After many classes I understood that I was a spirit in a body, and I was senior in this body. This concept was foreign to me, but it felt right so I continued to study about metaphysics and to learn about myself as spirit.

I was taught that psychic means ‘soul essence’ and that learning to be aware of the essence of your soul will bring you into the joy of life and an understanding of the truth of what it means to be what we really are, which is so much more than just a body. There is an energy for good in the Universe that flows in everyone giving them life. This energy is a powerful, creative force that is all things and all seeming physical manifestations are created from this energy. This is overly simplified but I do think this energy, this quantum energy field is what we refer to as God and that it is the part of us that is called spirit. So, this quantum energy is our life force.

Metaphysics teaches us that this life force within us is a joy, so enjoy everything that we do. The life force is not limited to our body, because there is no life in matter. Our life force is not in our body, but in our spirit. This quantum energy that is our life force is neutral. There is no positive or negative spin on it. It is just a neutral, creative energy without any thought or direction of its own. It does not care about anyone or anything because it is just neutral energy. It just exists until something puts it into action. I believe this life force within us is God, which is all things to all people depending on what their belief system is. Our beliefs determine our life experience through our perception.

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