Introduction to Jo Ann

HI, I am JoAnn Dunham and I am new at this blogging but I hope to learn quickly. I just got my first book published and I am very excited about it. I want to share my metaphysical information with as many people as possible. I taught classes to teach people how to connect with and to own their spiritual power in the past but I chose to no longer teach. That is why I decided to write a book. I thought that putting my information into book form would enable me to reach many, many more people than I could through small classes. I know this information can change ones perspective and ultimately their life if only they will utilize it. I learned about this information from many classes and reading many, many self-help books. I also studied and learned self-hypnosis, psychic training classes in clairvoyance, spiritual healing, working with spirit guides, and healing masters, channeling, teaching and Reiki healing.  Then I helped establish the church of Enthusiasm And Joy where I taught spiritual classes using The Science Of Mind teaching blended with hypnosis, and  the psychic classes and that is what is in my book. The title of my book is Exploring Inner Dimensions-Expression In The Present, and that is what we do in the book. If you want to create a deeper understanding of your spiritual self and make a stronger connection with your higher self then I know you will find my book beneficial.

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