When you look up clairvoyance, the definition is preceded by the word supposed, claimed ability, or claiming to have the power to perceive things that are out of the natural range of human senses, attributed to certain individuals. It is true that some individuals are more adept at utilizing their clairvoyant ability and even appear to be a natural, without expending any effort to read whenever they choose to do so; however all individuals are able to develop their clairvoyant ability if they choose to learn how to develop it. Clairvoyance is Spirit communicating through us. In a clairvoyant reading, we use words to interpret, express, and communicate what we are seeing and perceiving in the spiritual realm because we must have access to some form of representation of information. These words and access come from our awareness, which is spirit translating through us in a way that we can understand.

Your response to your thoughts and experiences are stored throughout your body and evidence of these things can be found by examining your aura. The beliefs that you have about yourself and how you are manifesting your reality can also be seen in your aura by a clairvoyant. These energies and vibrational patternsĀ  are stored in your space because as you experience thoughts, emotions and feelings that match the tone of the thought– positive or negative– arise in response to each thought.

Guided meditation is the best tool that I have found to help facilitate the development of ones clairvoyance. With continued use over several weeks one becomes very connected with their spiritual self and this is what develops the clairvoyance, the spiritual communication. One must get past the analyzer and learn to trust that they are truly receiving the communication and own the clairvoyant ability for them self.

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