The Multidimensional Self

I use the term multidimensional to represent the stream of electromagnetic energy that is each of us and is everywhere present at the same time. I believe that we exist in many different frequencies “dimensions” at the same time. Some individuals call these different vibrational frequencies by names such as the physical, conscious, feeling, etheric, Christ, and the I Am bodies. The I Am body is the higher self, or Higher Consciousness. We access these different vibrational bodies by focusing our awareness and going within to the unseen realms through meditation. We are multifaceted, multilayered energy that is present everywhere and everything consists of it. We are composed of this energy in many different levels or vibrations of existence. We can think of the mind, body, and spirit as three separate entities that want to control our experiences.

Some individuals believe they exist only as the physical body and deal with survival issues almost daily because of their focus on the physical.  There is nothing wrong with living life in this mode, but there is so much more to life if one chooses to search for it. We can learn to experience life with a higher power in control or we can function from the physical realm with the physical expression of things as our reality.  The physical expression tends to view challenges as problems with black and white, either this or that type of thinking. This thinking makes for a narrow, complicated life experience without recognizing the many options that are available.

Everyday human life consists of many different levels or vibrations of existence. We are body, spirit, mental and emotional energy—just to name a few. Even in utero our brain starts recording our surroundings and experiences, including survival, cultural, our parents behaviors, their attitudes about prosperity, happiness, family, friends, and their love and affection for each other and us. Everything and everyone that we hear as well as all of the emotions that mother feels is recorded. We record Moms experience when Dad yells, curses , belittles or even hits her. This is all stored in our memory bank and can affect us after birth or even as adults. The people in our life, childcare, religion, healthcare, education, memories, emotions, habits, family and friends all contribute to the programming that is recorded in our subconscious up until age 7 or so. All of this stored energy and programming forms the lens that we view our life experiences through. This stored energy and programming affects our thoughts and perceptions which controls our actions and interpretations of our experiences. That is why our perception can be flawed causing us to interpret an experience in a purely erroneous way. Even if our thinking is erroneous it does still ring true for us. If we belief it to be true then it is true for us, even though it is flawed.

We are so multidimensional that we may never understand how multi-layered, multi-faceted we are because we are connected to everything and we are everything, everywhere present at the same time.


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