Who Are WE

Who are we or maybe I should ask what are we? There is no one answer as to who or even what we are. According to Britannica dictionary, science labels us as human-beings, a culture -bearing primate classified as Homo Sapiens who are anatomically similar and related to the great apes. Humans are distinguished by a more highly developed brain and a resultant, capacity for articulate speech and abstract reasoning. We all know the story of how humans evolved into today’s modern human. That is the story of the physical body, but we all know that we are so much more than the flesh body.

We can easily discern that we function in two worlds, the outer world that is physical and usually visible to us and the inner world that consists of our thoughts, feelings and emotions and is invisible to us. This invisible world within us plays a huge roll in our life and I think that “It” is the who and what that we are because this invisible world within us consists of energy that influences everything and everyone in our life. This is possible because of the energy field that surrounds and connects us to everything and everyone  in our surroundings. The frequency that we vibrate at affects the frequency of all other frequencies that it encounters. If we vibrate in a negative frequency such as anger or revenge then anyone that matches or is susceptible to the anger or revenge energy will experience more of the same energy. Even if you don’t match and are not susceptible to the negative energy it can pull down your energy vibration to a lower frequency. We need to be responsible for our thoughts and how we view our life experiences because of the frequency that we vibrate in as a result of this mental energy. Thinking positive thoughts is good mental health and creates a higher vibrational energy field and frequency around us. We can train our-self to think in a more positive manner by utilizing meditation, affirmations or one of the therapies using feed-back methods. How you do it doesn’t matter, but it matters that you do it.

How we think influences what we experience in our everyday activities because of our perception. Perception determines our view of the world around us and influences the context that we perceive our visual world with. It is vital that we realize that thoughts are things that consists of energy with the power to change other things. If you are a negative thinking individual you are putting negative energy out into the field of energy that surrounds you and it affects everyone who comes into your proximity.  You probably perceive the world through this negativity and see situations and experiences with the” what is the worst outcome that can happen” attitude and when you get the worst outcome from your negative thinking;  you feel victimized.

When we feel powerless and that we have no control over the situations and events in our life, we often feel victimized. This can happen when we grow up with very strong, controlling parents who do not allow their children to make decisions for themselves. This does not make them bad people, just bad parents. Most people do the very best that they know how to do with the knowledge they have to work with while raising their children. Even when our parents do their very best most of us still have a lot of baggage we need to get rid of. We are all flawed in some manner due to our up-bringing and heritage and it falls to us to identify how we are flawed and to correct it. I refer only to “victim thinking” here and not to individuals who have been truly victimized by physical , mental or emotional abuse.

With guidance and diligence we can change how we think and view the world, which results in changing our perception of events and experiences that occur in our life. When we achieve changing our thought process we have raised our energy vibrational frequency which is reflected in our exterior surroundings and the experiences and events that come our way. The more positively we think the more positive the experiences we encounter are. If we think “I am happy” we are soon happy, and if we think “I was wronged” we will soon be wronged. We attract to us what we think. That is why you get more of what you resist, because you put your thought into thinking “I do not want red” and of course you get red.

I am not sure if the correct terminology for this internal world is spiritual or spirit, but I am sure that it is energy.  Physics theorize that we and everything else including the planet are just energy and that nothing is solid or matter. Recently the theory that we are a huge simulation is circulating among some scientific individuals. WOW! What do you think of that? I am not sure, but it is very exciting to think about. Even if this is all a simulation I still want the very best experience that I can manage. How about you? Tell me what you think about all of these theories.

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