Energy Affects Us

Science tells us that everything is energy including us. Energy consists of vibrations and different frequencies so that implies that we are vibrating at several different frequencies. Bob Proctor explains in his YouTube videos about the frequencies that we vibrate at and how they serve and affect us. I know that we match other peoples emotional energy frequencies of anger, sadness, risk taking and so on quite often and can think that it is our stuff.                                                                                                         Residual energy that is left behind by other people on and in things that we now own can affect us; things such as vehicles, furniture, toys, books, and even our homes. Think of all of the people that are involved in the concept, construction, marketing, selling, and financing a new built home. Some of those people are so invested in the process that they must have left behind some energy imprints. The designer or architect was very interested in his concept while focusing and manifesting it on paper, so we can be sure he invested his energy and left some behind. Then there is the money people who finance the builder that employs people to build the home. All of these people are dealing with their own challenges and thoughts which are vibrating through the home they are building and will remain after they are gone. You get the idea about the energy that may or may not be present in a new home. If we rent or buy an existing home think of all of the other people who have left their energy behind for us to live in; so what can be done about this energy.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       There are many different types of treatments to effectively deal with residual energies. Treatments like sage burning, prayer or blessing, white light, spirit guide, psychic house cleansing by trained professionals, and others, but I prefer to ground the home and release all of the residual energy down the grounding, and fill up the home with gold or white energy.





















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