Unseen influences

What unseen influences are affecting our everyday activities? Recently science stated that we live in one big field of energy which affects all of us in different ways. We are all connected as a result of being part of this energy field. Some of us are sensitive and aware of what is vibrating in this energy field and  often experience the effects of the different vibrational frequencies that are vibrating in this energy field. Have you ever finished someone’s sentence before they finished speaking? You probably picked up on their thought vibration and that is how you finished their sentence. We all experience sublingual messages and some of us are aware of them.                          Some of us experience emotional vibrations as a result of the energy that is vibrating  near and around us. Some people pick up on other people’s thoughts and think they are their own thoughts and may act on the thought.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               We can’t escape the unseen influences because they are all around us, even in our dwellings, but we can learn to not become the effect of unseen influences. Some very effective methods of coping with other types of energy that do not belong to us are: Meditation, grounding, affirmations, prayers, treatments, spirit guides, and most importantly becoming aware enough of these unseen influences to take coping actions.

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