The Field

Hello,¬† Are you aware of the new terminology that is being used to represent spirit? Since spirit is a field of energy we are now calling it “the field.” I can relate to this, because I know that spirit is a field of energy, but I find it harder to think of Universal Mind, God, the Creator, Source or whatever name you use, as “The Quantum Field.” These are scientific terms and I know these terms bother me because of my programming, especially religious¬† programming that causes this uncomfortable reaction to them. I thought I got rid of that programming a long time ago. So, I have more work to release programming. The stuff is stored in layers as you grow up. These terms “the field” and “The Quantum Field” which were coined by the scientific community are more scientific and they are truthful, because they are just fields of energy, so why do I question using them. I think it is because they are not descriptive enough. Millions of people will not know that I am referring to spirit when I say to them “the Field” or “The Quantum Field” instead of God, Supreme Being, Source or the Creator. However, when I say “God” everyone knows what I am talking about even if that is not their belief system. What do you think about the new terminology? Let me know your thoughts or comments below. I have over forty years of using the established terms, so perhaps that is my hesitation in using the new terms.

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