Be Neutral and Enjoy!

Welcome.  Today I want to share with  you the importance of being in neutral; to be in neutral, with no opinion on the subject or situation. Neutrality  is challenging, but that is where we find freedom and peace.  It is a place of “it just is” and we don’t have to know why, how, or what. This means that when your friend tells you about their problem or situation you just listen and let them talk. We don’t have to solve or fix the problem for them. The truth is we can’t fix it because we didn’t create the problem and we do not have the answer. Your friend created the problem and they alone have the solution. A situation is only a situation, nothing more, it becomes a problem if our perception tells us that it is a problem, otherwise it may only be challenging or preferably– neutral.  When we are in neutral we are not reacting (vibrating) to our input in a positive or negative vibe. We recognize that it exists and we feel nothing, no need to fix, change, heal or correct it. Neutral is a good, comfortable and desirable place to be.

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