Welcome.  Anxiety is an uncomfortable vibration on the body that is caused by fear. Even if you are not feeling fear while you are experiencing anxiety it is still caused by fear. Stored fear vibrating in your body can cause you to experience anxiety. We all know that jittery, feeling like you are going to explode feeling that makes you want to run, escape and be anywhere else but where you are at. This feeling is caused by the fight or flight response of our system which is designed to keep us safe. When the enemy is anxiety you can not run away from it and you can not fight it, because it is not physical. What you can do is get rid of the base cause of your anxiety–fear is the cause of anxiety. To clear fear from your space you can use this tool. Close your eyes and think “All of the fear in my space is turned to lead now and gravity is pulling it down my grounding to be neutralized. Imagine that the fear is being pulled from your space. You may even feel it flowing down and out of your body. Next imagine a big ball of beautiful golden energy above your head, fill  it up with validation for your spiritual-self and bring it in at the top of your head and let it flow through your body replacing all of that fear energy that you released. Open your eyes and notice how your body feels, are you aware of any difference? You have just had a healing of the anxiety because any time you remove stored energy from your space it is called a healing.  

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