How energy affects us

Science tells us that everything is energy, including humans and that we live in one big field of energy which affects all of us in different ways. Everything is connected including humans and as a part of this energy field we often experience the effects of the different energy vibrations around us. Energy exists in many different frequencies and vibrations and it is always in motion. So if we are energy, and I believe that we are energy, then we must be vibrating in many different frequencies and rates of vibration, or at least have the capability to do so. If energy is always in motion then we must always be in motion. If energy is different vibrations and frequencies and is always in motion what keeps it from becoming all mixed together. How would this affect humans? Perhaps we could see this with the proper microscope. Have you ever wondered what energy “unseen influences” is affecting your everyday life?

Residual energy from other peoples anger, sadness, risky behavior, and happiness is often left behind by people, events and experiences and can be attached to things that are now in our possession. This energy can affect us and we may think it is our emotion and act accordingly. When we purchase physical things like boats, books, toys, furniture, objects, clothing, cars, and even our homes we are getting other peoples energy. Think of all of the people involved from the concept of an item like a house to the completion, design, construction, marketing, showing to many people, selling, financing, movers and so on until you are in your new home. So many people are involved that a certain per cent of them must have left some of their energy behind.

When you are a renter there is even more exposure to other peoples energy from their lives and emotional imprints. Most often our everyday life doesn’t leave much, if any energy imprints, but when there is violence, anger, arguing, sadness, and grief present or the birth of a child or death occurs there are energy imprints left behind. The older a rental house is the more people have lived there and moved on because of looking forward to happiness, or anger due to eviction, or because of sadness such as divorce or death. They leave the energy of memories and events behind them. This energy can cause us to become the effect of it if we match any of it.

I had an experience with a rental that I lived in when I was young but I remember it well. It was a big three bedroom house and I experienced some fear at being alone at night when my daughter and my boyfriend were gone. After a few months I started feeling lots of fear and then I was soon consumed with fear. At this time it felt like someone laid on top of me at night in my bed. This freaked me out but I would not tell anyone because I was embarrassed and ashamed of my fear. It only bothered me when I was alone in my bed so I slept on the couch, often with my pistol in my hand. Stupid! I know it was energy but the gun comforted me. This continued harassment was the impetus for me to learn about psychic phenomena and to gain the psychic tools to deal with it. I learned that I am spirit in a body and that I do not have to give up my seniority to anybody or anything. I grounded my home, released all old, residual energy and filled my home with happy golden light and continued to live there for several years in peace. I had some psychic friends that looked at my problem and saw a man who bullied his wife into being overly submissive and he did it mostly in the bedroom.

We all have experienced some effect of the energy field that we share with so many different people. It is not necessary to be aware of these effects but it is beneficial to be aware enough to know if what you are feeling is your own feelings or caused by someone else’s feelings. There is nothing to fear because it is just energy and you can easily clear it out of your space. Learn to go within and connect with your spiritual power and to realize that you are spirit in a body and that you have seniority over other energy.

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