We all have thoughts and most of them are random that arise without our choosing, thoughts that just surface. Thoughts can be beneficial if they are predominately positive, but if they are mostly negative they can have a major effect on our attitude about life and how we view the world. Thoughts can trigger emotions and generate feelings, which produce your actions which end in your results. When you have the same thought over and over it becomes a belief which then becomes automatic. This is a thought pattern. Thoughts that motivate your behaviors are habits and if these habits are negative you may want to replace them with positive thought patterns.

Thoughts trigger emotions and if they are undesirable we must learn to deal effectively with our emotions without closing them down which requires balancing them. There are seven accepted ideas of universal emotions which are: anger, fear, disgust, happiness, sadness, surprise, and contempt. Most of us probably assume that each of these emotions mean the same thing and elicit the same feeling in everyone, but science indicates that this may not be the case as we are all individuals with different interpretations of things and experiences. Science theorizes that our brain is like a computer interface that creates what we think we see, hear and experience. So each of us must identify what we are feeling, decide if it is appropriate for the situation, accept the feeling and decide what to do, if anything about it. Decide if it is just a random feeling or if it is a repeating pattern. If it is something that you want to be free of then replace it with a new thought pattern. When our emotions are balanced and we are in tune with them they can be very beneficial to us because they help us with our decision making, day to day interactions, self-care and our reactions to stimuli. Well-being is linked to having good emotional regulating skills and may contribute to financial success. Emotions contribute to an exciting ,unique, vibrant life and strong feelings can indicate that we embrace life fully. Emotions are a problem when we can not regulate them. They are a problem when they cause conflict and difficulty in our relationships and friendships. They can even lead to substance abuse when they are so painful that we try to manage them with substance use. We can consciously suppress our emotions or even repress them on an unconscious level, but either way can lead to: anxiety, depression, sleep issues, muscle tension, pain and difficulty in coping with stress.

So what can we do to balance our emotions when they are so random and arise without our choice? If they are mostly negative we can focus on establishing new positive thought patterns by the repetition of positive statements of affirmations over and over until they replace the negative thought patterns. We can meditate and visualize our emotions in balance while affirming I have emotional balance. Balancing the brain chemicals and hormone with a good, healthy diet and exercise is important to healthy, balanced thinking and emotions. Recognize if low self-esteem is present and realize that it is a negative thought pattern. Replace low self-esteem with a positive thought pattern of self-love. I is important to build good self-esteem because the relationship that you have with yourself is your primary, permanent companion in life. Learn to go within and discover who you are and all of the great things about yourself.

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