Fear can be a silent thief that steals our happiness and blocks our creativity. We are all aware of the “in your face” fear that activates the fight or flight reaction, but it is the silent, invisible fear that is stored in our subconscious that creates the most havoc in our life. The fear of failure, of not being good enough, or worthy enough, the fear of commitment or worse, the fear of success, or fearing the responsibility of lots of money and the list goes on that robs us of the quality of life that we deserve.

We can learn to be free of the crippling effects of this hidden fear that prevents our creating the life style that we desire. The brain doesn’t know the difference between what is real or what is imagined or visually observed on TV, the movies or a computer screen. This makes it easy to manipulate our memory of any given experience. We can rewrite a memory by releasing the energy [fear] from the memory and replacing it with a new energy picture and positive vibration. This is best done while in a meditative state of awareness. Any form of meditation will work at releasing stored energy, but to be free of it permanently we must replace it with the opposite thought pattern.

While in meditation think to yourself “I AM now releasing all fear energy that is stored in my space.” You could even see the fear as a color, a symbol, or a feeling tone to make it more real for yourself. Then imagine or visualize all of that color, that symbol and that feeling tone being gathered up and placed into a box. Now take that box out of your space and explode it, neutralizing that energy. Next think to yourself “I AM now calling back all of my neutralized energy into my space.” Now we must create a new positive picture to replace the old, negative thought pattern. Think “I AM an expression of the Divine, which has no fear, therefore I have no fear.” Another good affirmation is “I AM a brave, worthy, creative, and committed individual.” We think, visualize, feel and act as though it already is until out desired outcome manifests.

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