Some benefits of meditation

Many people are studying the benefits of meditation. Meditation and focused concentration facilitates a connection with your higher consciousness and enlightened spiritual awareness. This enlightenment raises your vibrational frequency which is reflected in your physical environment, your reality. We create our perception of the world around us with our thought process and how we perceive the events and experiences in our life. Do we actually change the physical manifestations, or do we only change our thinking and perception? I think we only change the energy of our vibration which raises our frequency and changes our perception and experience of the event. Physics tells us that for any event all possibilities occur and we only experience one possibility, but all other possibilities exist. My thought is that each of these possibilities is a different frequency so if we match that frequency where our desire is located then that becomes our experience. If I am correct then elevating our vibrational frequency is the key to creating, manifesting our desires. Raising your vibration is one of the main benefits of meditation.

Some of the highest-frequency and most important electrical brain waves are the gamma waves. It requires thousands of nerve cells to act at extremely high speeds in unison to produce gamma waves. Gamma waves are not gamma rays. Gamma waves are a pattern of neural oscillation in humans and are the highest-frequency type of brain wave. Studies have associated the formation of ideas, language skills and learning with gamma waves. They are broadly associated with cognition, information processing, attention, memory processing, and the speed of recalling memories. Cognitive enhancement has occurred after six weeks of gamma wave stimulation. Meditation is one of the best activators of gamma waves, but light and sound also work. Gamma waves originate in the thalamus, but the entire brain is influenced by them. Learning difficulties, poor memory, and impaired mental processing have been linked to low amounts of gamma brain wave activity. High IQ is associated with high levels of gamma wave activity. Mediating regularly stimulates the production of gamma brain wave activity and possibly your IQ.

Meditate and become one with the universal consciousness and focus on universal love, compassion, kindness, and think “I am now vibrating as gamma brain wave activity.” Be still and know the truth of this statement, and repeat it over and over like a mantra until you feel the gamma brain wave activity. Having the consciousness of being an expression of, one with the universal consciousness and the awareness of your true self facilitates gamma brain wave activity. Meditation takes us within and helps to develop this level of consciousness awareness. We can create a world of peace and tranquility for our-self with daily meditation.

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