Realization Of Divine Nature

Some cultures believe that the soul is the incorporeal essence of a person or living thing. Spirituality refers to an immaterial reality, an inner path enabling you to discover the essence of yourself as energy, spiritual being, and your deepest innermost feelings and values. Spiritual practices including meditation are intended to reveal and develop this inner world. These practices are increasing your awareness/consciousness level of all life and the divine realm giving one a sense of being connected to a larger reality. The awareness of spirit as the self is a different reality. We are neither young or old, beginning or ending, and we are not early or late; we just are being perfect wherever, whatever, whenever, the eternal now, peace, and serenity.

Many spiritual leaders have researched and experienced the many facets of our energy anatomy and given the different vibrations names, including the emotional, the mental, the etheric, and the astral bodies. While this helps us identify different vibrations—and it makes them more real for our physical body—they are all part of our multifaceted spiritual self. We are an energy field and there many different frequencies vibrating in this energy field much like radio wave frequencies. You can tune into a single radio wave frequency and you can tune into each frequency of your energy field with clairvoyance and training. We live in a world that is mentally caused. What we believe, how we think, what our emotions are and how we feel those emotions all affect what we perceive to be our reality. Your attitude is determined by your thoughts, feelings and emotions which trigger the release of chemicals that impact how you think and feel. That is why having a strong inner connection and belief in a higher power is so very important to our quality of life. You do not have to think of your energy field as spiritual or divine in order to develop this deep inner connection. You can simply recognize it as the Quantum Field, the Universe and you are a part of that energy field.

Are we spirit? What about being divine, are we divine? I think we are just energy and the words spirit and divine are just that, words. If you take religion out of the mix, then you don’t have God, spirit, divine, or any other word symbol of that genre, but I use those words because everyone knows and accepts them. They are good descriptive words and easily understood. All different belief systems use different words to describe the same information. I always trust that I know my Truth when I hear it and I urge you to do the same. Know your Truth and employ what works for you.

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