Your Vibration Is Key To Manifesting

Raise your vibration and develop a strong connection with your higher self. The Higher Self refers to an immaterial reality, an inner path enabling us to discover the essence of our self as energy, and our deepest, inner-most feelings and values. A deep connection with our higher self as energy gives us the understanding of being connected to the whole, the Universe, everyone and everything in it. One energy field contains everything and everything is created from this one energy field. All of the knowledge and the ability to understand this knowledge exists in this energy field and we can learn how to access this information for our own good. Developing our intuition is how we gain access to this information and the power to use it. Learn to listen to and trust that small, still voice within that whispers guidance and gives you clarity of purpose. The awareness of and the ability to communicate with this inner presence can be a source of friendship, companionship, love, fulfillment, and the overall quality of your life experiences.

Your thoughts are energy vibrations and the Universe responds to your vibrational frequency. The Universe understands the frequency that we vibrate at and responds to that frequency in a matching vibration. Like a radio or television that must be tuned into the desired channel, we must be tuned into the desired frequency that we want to manifest. To demonstrate and manifest our desired outcome we must permanently change our way of thinking and raise our vibrational frequency to the desired frequency. Everything is vibrating at its own frequency. This is true of anything that you think you desire. Some individuals are able to read the frequency of an item, then match and raise their vibration equal to that item, but for most of us we must match it on the knowing level and raise our frequency.

If you want to manifest you must belief your thought, your mental image picture is real and attainable. You must create your mental image with the energy of reality and not from the energy of fantasy. If you create in fantasy it will always be a fantasy and never manifest. You must know the truth that that you can have it, you are worthy, and you deserve it. Know that it is already yours and act as though you already have it.

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