Fear can be a silent thief that blocks our creativity. We are all aware of the in your face kind of fear that activates the fight or flight response. It is the silent fear that is stored in our subconscious that creates the most havoc in our life. The fear of failure, of being unworthy, or not good enough, the fear of loss, fear of commitment, and the list goes on that robs us of the quality of life that we deserve. From the moment of birth some of us have stored fear energy that may be affecting us. If our birth was challenging for us then we have a fear picture stored about being hurt. We may have fear energy imprints stored from every time we experienced intense fear until the present time.
We can learn to release this hidden fear that is robbing us of our happiness. Meditation of any form will work at releasing stored energy, but to be free of it permanently we must replace it with the opposite thought pattern. This can be done in meditation or with positive affirmations. Think to yourself “I am now releasing all of the fear energy that is stored in my space.” You could even see it being gathered up and place it in a box and blow it up. This neutralizes the energy. Tell yourself “I am an expression of the Divine which has no fear, therefore I have no fear.” Then make a positive affirmation. “I am a brave, worthy, creative, and committed individual.” Repeat daily until you get the desired results.

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