The word manifest has so many different meanings in the English language that it can be confusing. I use the word in a spiritual, metaphysical context, where manifest means to demonstrate, to prove as in revealing or bringing into form. When we seek to manifest something it is to project or bring into being something better than what we have. No matter what we wish to demonstrate we must realize that it is within itself nothing. Do not put too much value on the desired outcome and obsess over the things you want to demonstrate.
There are many ways to manifest, create, or demonstrate our desires. Universal Mind Treatments are my choice for manifesting. A Mind treatment is an active thing that moves in thought and sets something in motion. A treatment must be definite, specific, concrete, and consists of recognition, unification, and realization. When we use Mind treatments we must know that Universal Mind is the power that we use. Our physical mind must know and completely accept that this can happen and that you can allow it to be so. Your thought must vibrate in a have mindset instead of a have-not mindset. It is important that you want what you seek, believe that you can have it, and feel and act as though you already have it.
We can use the all Creative wisdom of Universal Mind to create and change our life, but first We work on our vibration by making statements of Truth to raise our consciousness. When we use Mind treatments we are working in the field of Universal Mind. We remain in our own field of thought, apply the Truth and Law of Mind to heal, create or change things. We do this because there is a Law of metaphysics that consciousness will externalize at its own level, by its own recognition. Universal Power responds and corresponds to our mental state.
Limitation and poverty are not things, but are the results of restricted ways of thinking. Life is a mirror and the mental world acts on our thoughts and reflects our thinking back to us as conditions. Universal Mind is impersonal, neutral, receptive, and reactive, a law of liberty, not bondage or limitation; and It can free you of all undesirable conditions. We must learn to look past the appearance, the condition or lack and see it as it is desired to be. The technique, the method of procedure, the way to think about the premise that Universal Mind is perfect, the Quantum Field is perfect, we are a part of this Energy Field, therefore we as energy are perfect. We must develop an absolute belief in and reliance upon Truth.
This belief in Truth comes from knowing there is One Infinite Mind from which all things come. This Mind is in, through and around us. It is the only Mind there is and every time you think you use It. There is one Energy, one Limitless Life, which returns to the thinker exactly what they think. In all, over all, and through all. We must talk, live, act, believe and know that we are a center in this One Universal Mind energy field. There is One Power, one Presence which is omnipresent. Truth is absolute and remains unaffected by the opinions, desires, or beliefs of Humans.

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